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Magali Amadei

Magali Amadei has appeared on the covers of fashion magazines. She's been on TV commercials, billboards and even in movies! With all that success, you'd think that she would have tons of confidence. But for many years, Magali suffered from an eating disorder called bulimia.
When she was in junior high, Magali's older brother was in a very bad motorcycle accident. Her parents were at the hospital all the time and Magali was scared. That's when she first turned to food. She would binge, eating huge amounts of food instead of talking to someone about what was going on. She tried to stuff her feelings down with bread, cookies, ice cream -- anything she could get her hands on. Afterwards, she would purge, getting rid of the food by forcing herself to throw up or take laxatives.

A few years later, Magali became a model. She was jet-setting around the world for big modeling jobs, but she was still the same scared girl with an eating disorder. Depressed, lonely, and overwhelmed by the pressures of the fashion industry, she used food as a way to deal. Even though Magali's life looked glamorous from the outside, inside she was a physical and emotional mess. The vomiting and laxative abuse made Magali very sick. Her throat was constantly sore, she always had dark circles under her eyes, and one day her eating disorder finally caught up with her.

She was on a photo shoot when she started feeling dizzy. Her heart was pounding a mile a minute. She passed out on the floor of the bathroom, convinced that she was going to die. Fortunately, Magali survived, and she was able to reach out for the help she needed. After years of trying to handle her problems by herself, she realized that she just couldn't fix this one on her own.

Today, Magali is healthy and spends her time visiting schools to speak out about her experience.







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